European Quarter Manifesto

Towards a more open, welcoming & diverse area.

Prepared by the European Quarter Fund, a corporate fund of the King Baudouin Foundation.

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The acceleration of remote working, a greater shift towards active mobility, and environmental sustainability targets represent both a challenge and an opportunity for the European District.

Conscious of the urgent need for change, the members of the European Quarter Fund (EQF) have agreed on a shared vision for the future of the European District, called the “Manifesto”, as well as committing to shortterm tactical urban actions, grouped in the “Charter”, that will start the transition of the District towards a more Open, Welcoming, and Diverse area.

The European Quarter Fund is only one of the stakeholders that will have to cooperate in the delivery of this long-term vision. Therefore, the Manifesto declares the intentions of its members, but will also continue to evolve.

On the other hand, the Charter is a document that contains practical urban actions that the members commit to for their existing buildings and any new developments in the European District.

The Manifesto

Our long-term vision

The Manifesto, prepared by the European Quarter Fund, is based on a process of wide consultations and represents the longterm vision for the European District.

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The Charter

Our short-term commitments

We realize that our long-term vision, the Manifesto, will require alignment with other stakeholders, therefore we decided to commit to a number of practical and tactical urban actions that will foster material change in the European District in the short term, whilst supporting our long-term vision.

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A word about the area

The European District is not only the historic seat of the European institutions, but it is also the largest office-based employment and cultural centre in Belgium.

Over the last decade, the European District has increasingly attracted new inhabitants and retailers. With new flagship European cultural offering, it has established itself as Brussels’ second most visited area.

The District is composed of 4 key areas: Jourdan and Squares, vibrant mixed-use urban hubs; Cinquantenaire, a cultural hotspot with numerous museums and exhibitions; and the core Leopold District, an office-dominated area with only 3,000 inhabitants for 90,000 office-based jobs.

The acceleration of remote working and shift towards active mobility have a disproportionate impact on the Leopold District with its 96% office dominance.

An expected increase in office vacancy will offer possibilities for reconversion, aligned with the philosophy of the New European Bauhaus, pleading for more living, aesthetically beautiful, socially inclusive, and sustainable spaces. Lower office occupancy will also allow occupiers and investors to free ground floor spaces for new potential public infill and activation, creating a more vibrant and inviting streetscape.

  • Léopold
  • Squares
  • Jourdan
  • Cinquantenaire Park

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The following organisations have joined the European Quarter Fund and undersigned the Manifesto and Charter:

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What is the European Quarter fund?

European Quarter Fund

The European Quarter Fund was created in 2001 with the aim to contribute to the improvement of the image, functioning, and redevelopment of the European District.

The fund includes approximately 40 members, representative of all areas of private and public life.

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