The Manifesto

Our long-term vision

The Manifesto, prepared by the European Quarter Fund, is based on a process of wide consultations and represents the long-term vision for the European District.

The European Quarter Fund has aligned its strategy and proposed actions with the Regional government currently preparing a new Urban Planning Framework. The main identified actions are focused on 4 key axes: Increase Functional Mix, Support Soft Mobility, Create Greener Space, Deepen European & Cultural Identity.

4 key axes supporting the long-term vision


Increase Functional Mix

Increase, where possible, the functional diversity of buildings at neighbourhood level, with a particular focus on the Leopold District. Priority actions include ground floor activation (transparency & infill) to create a more open and lively streetscape, stimulate the local economy, and foster social interaction.


Create Greener Space

Conscious of the urgency of climate change as well as the demand from occupiers, one of the key priorities is to increase green surfaces at street, inner courtyard, and roof levels. Green surfaces will be a key lever to limit the severe heat island effect in a concrete-dominated area. Additionally, where possible inner courtyards will be made accessible. The aim is to create a great neighborhood where where people like, want to live, and work.


Support Soft Mobility

The European District has one of the country’s highest automotive pressure and pollution. The Loi/Belliard axis acts as urban wall, cutting the district into 3 parts. We recommend breaking this wall by creating a North-South soft mobility path. It is also essential to improve the infrastructure within office buildings that will support, and most importantly encourage, the use of soft mobility and create a true ecosystem for alternative mobility.


Deepen European & Cultural Identity

Make the European identity of the District more visible and increase the integration of the local cultural offering. Create stronger links between the subdistricts (Leopold, Jourdan, Squares, Cinquantenaire). Show the democratic character of the fabric of Europe.